minuet1965 (minuet1965) wrote in quizaholics,


Cory was supposed to have come in at 9am today
which he did because I heard people paging him on the PA
he was to work with David from Pearl Ridge and give him the
tour of the store. 

I saw Cory once during the day as he was probably showing him the offices
in the shoe stock room. 
After I was done I sent him a text message asking where he was and he said he
was trying to head down to the hub but he must have got called to another
I heard Michael call for him to go to men's.  I have feeling michael just wanted
him out of the women's area so I couldn't see him. 
I bought one of those farewell cards for andy and cory but andy already left!!

There were A LOT of Z racks on the floor that were already done. 
They are having a really big sale tomorrow and I only have to work till 1pm
yea!!  Next week I'm completely at 6am. 

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