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I created this quiz this morning relating to the seven chakras.

All the statements of choice are taken from Pathways to a Radiant Self by Kathy Pike.

The quiz takes about 5-10 minutes to complete, and the information gained even just from rating each statement 1-5 may enlighten you for days, weeks, years to come. If you are intrigued by the quiz, I highly recommend looking into obtaining the book listed above. It not only goes into more detail regarding each of the 'energy-centers' or 'chakras', it also gives exercises and suggestions on how to strengthen and support each one of them.

You scored as Sahasrara (Crown of Head/Conciousness/Beliefs). The seventh chakra, named Sahasrara, is located at the crown of the head. It is the gateway to the universal energy and a spiritual life. The color of this chakra is white, or iridescent, integrating all the colors of the other six chakras. The element of this chakra is thought. Thought is used as a vehicle for increasing the levels of self-awareness and conciousness. In the seventh chakra, all the aspects of the spiritual being are integrated. By increasing one's awareness of the power of the mind, one becomes more concious of who they are and how they create an open channel to connect with spiritual energy. The seventh chakra is about being open, expansive, present, and embracing the web of the universe. It is here that one opens to the experience of the meaning of spiritual bliss.


Sahasrara (Crown of Head/Conciousness/Beliefs)


Ajna (Forehead/Third Eye/Intuition)


Vishuddha (Throat/Communication/Creativity)


Anahata (Heart/Relationships/Love)


Svadhisthana (Sacral/Desire/Creativity)


Muladhara (Root /Survial/Attitude)


Manipura (Solar Plexus/Personal Power)


What is your prominent chakra?
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